Become the master of flights

Posted on 03 January 2018 (0)

Airplanes are the most used mean of transport when it comes to travel great distances and are also the best option to reach faster to a destination that maybe is not that far. Although flying represents a bunch of advantages while traveling, booking a flight or being in an airport could be frightening or stressful, but it doesn’t need to be that way. There are a lot of advice you could follow to make flying less intimidating, so keep reading and become the master of flights.



First of all you need to plan your trip

You need to be aware of all the requirements needed to enter a foreign country. A lot of countries require visas or some specifications related to passport expiration dates or even its fullness. All this documents are important, but it is also essential for you to buy your tickets using the same names that appear on your ID and not nicknames that may confuse all the persons you need to show your boarding passes. Also, it’s highly advisable to buy nonstop flights instead of direct in order to avoid unnecessary increases in travel time or possible delays.

Airports can also cause some worries related to luggage. The possibility of losing it is startling, but you can overcome that fear by choosing colorful bags or with a unique design that stands out so you can keep an eye on them or find them easily. It is important to keep your flight clean, so carry your own blanket; the ones given by the airline might be more than dirty without you noticing it. Bag checks can consume an amount of time you’re not willing to waste, for that it is advisable to do your own checks and pack some items like nail clippers or scissors elsewhere; keep a layer to carry your electronics in an organized way so security agents can determine what they are without the need of a manual check.

When flying you don’t only need to know which city you are going, but the airport and its code as well, that way you can check the labels on your luggage en realize if it’s going to the right destination. While on the airport, don’t go crazy shopping just because it’s duty free zone; some of the shops tend to have even higher prices than outside, so it would be good to look for the the price of an object on the web before doing any unworthy purchase that can make you forget the 90 milliliter rule.

There are also a lot of hacks that can help you while you’re about to sit on the airplane. It’s nice to have a small bag (about a gallon) with all your must-haves when the flight begins; if you do this, you won’t have to dig on your bigger bags while boarding and delay everyone’s departure. Also, try to place your bags as near as possible, that way you will have all your belongings at hand and your deplaning will be faster. Are you traveling with small kids? It’d be nice to carry their car seats, since it’s a place your children are comfortable with, they will remain calmer aboard and the other passengers will be thankful for that.

Vacations are times intended to be funny and stress relieving. You now have a lot of tips that will help you reduce the struggle while reaching your destination. Master every flight and enjoy your trip from the moment you step on the airport!

4 crazy things you should do before you die

Posted on 28 December 2017 (0)

If you ever sat on the lap of one of your grandparents when you were little, you probably asked them to tell you stories of their younger times. Most of the things they’d told you were crazy, full of happiness and made you think about living a life as joyful as your grandparents did. Now you’re wondering how to create those stories that are worth to tell to your grandsons, well, don’t miss this crazy things that are a must do before you die:

Road Tripping

Not all places are to be visited by plane or with an absurd amount of commodities. This kind of tourism is perfect when you’re seeking for an adventure while you are on a budget. But, since the world is covered by roads, leave the boring ones aside, take some friends, a car and plan your trip across these roads:

  • Ticlio Pass: This Peruvian paved road is the highest one in South America. Includes dangerous bends and possible landslides perfect for the most adventurous.
  • The Atlantic Road: Norwegian road that hosts a dangerous combination of sloped and curvy bridges, occasional storms and breathtaking sunsets.
  • Transfagarasan Road: Located in Romania, is a road full of tunnels and twists, with castles and waterfalls by the side.

Roller Coasters

Going on a roller coaster is the best way to deal with your fear of heights and speed. These are ones of the most exciting machines ever to exist, but not all roller coaster rides are worth being called of the craziest things to be done, so step up and plan several trips that include the following:

  • Takabisha: located in Fujiyoshida, Japan, its first fall will make you send death a regard. It’s unpredictable and full of twists, so don’t go up if you just ate.
  • Fury 325: That number is the height (in feet), so you’ll be intimidated at first sight. This colossal ride in Charlotte, North Carolina is one of the craziest in the world.
  • Smiler: Even when is not that tall, being upside down for most of the ride will make you go crazy. A must go if you visit Stafforshire in the United Kingdom.


Another perfect activity for the height frightened. Jumping from an airplane to the ground will make you feel the most intense adrenaline rush and an excitement with no comparison. Here are some of the best places around the world to go skydiving:

  • Hawaii: When you’re flying towards the land you will see an incredible amount of colors, from the green of the palm trees to the deep blue of the ocean bathing the coast. The best spot to take the leap is from Waialua.
  • Pattaya: The view is amazing as you get to see part of the Thai coast and land in a great green field. It’s one of the most active landing zones around the world so you’ll meet a lot of other adventurers.

Scuba Diving

The depths of water might be scary, but this fear is one to overcome. As you see a lot of different species of fishes, sharks and reefs you’ll see that there’s a crazy world below but worth visiting. Best places to scuba-dive? Here they are:

  • Great Blue Hole: Filled with tuna, octopuses and caverns, this spot in Belize is intimidating yet an awesome place to go.
  • Shark and Yolanda Reef: This spot in Egypt is the best place to see anemones and sharks around the world.

Now you have a lot of crazy places to go and tell your grandsons in the future.


The Hidden Gem by the Ohio River

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When it comes to taking a vacation trip to the United States, the first thoughts are about the exciting experiences you will have. Starting from iconic man-made landmarks as the Mount Rushmore, the Golden Gate Bridge or the Statue of Liberty, to the ones that mother nature put there a long time ago, like the Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon or the Yellowstone National Park, the whole trip is an unforgettable experience. These locations are crowded with other tourists most of the time, so you might think of other places if you’re looking for a trip that involves calmness and stress relief.

By the Ohio River, in the state of Indiana, there’s the birthplace of the famous astronomer Edwin Hubble, the city of roofer New Albany; a small town that is considered to be part of the Louisville, KY Metropolitan Statistical Area.

New Albany is one the richest towns in America when it comes to history. When founded, served as the home of the wealthiest in Indiana and was the biggest city in the state before it was overtaken by Indianapolis. Also, this town played a role of great importance during the Civil War because it served as the medical care center for many soldiers of the Union, therefore it has one of the first National Cemeteries on its lands.

The best attractions you can find in New Albany are the Culbertson Mansion State Historic Site and the Carnegie Center for Art & History, places dedicated to teaching about the past of this small city. Here, you will learn about the tornado that struck the city in 1917 and the Ohio River Flood that devastated it in 1937 and how those disasters made the locals build one of the first flood walls in America and take care of their homes.

Are you traveling with the whole family? No problem, because there are attractions intended for the youngest, such as the River Run Family Waterpark or the Cherry Valley Golf Course which are perfect to be visited in the summer and can also be enjoyed by adults as well. You can also go to the events that take place by the river at Riverfront Amphitheater or buy the best souvenirs at the Antiques Attic to remember your trip.

If you want to gaze the sunset, the Sam Peden Community Park is the perfect place to do so. There, you can set a picnic and see how your kids play around with the ducks and gooses that live near the pond.

One might believe that visiting New Albany is difficult since it’s a small city, but it’s not that complicated, actually. You can book a flight to the Louisville International Airport, the nearest one to the city and drive for just 14 minutes. After that you can get all the commodities of a great hotel if you stay at The Pepin Mansion Historic B&B, the Best Western Plus West I-64 or the Holiday Inn Express New Albany.

Don’t hesitate or wait any longer, plan your trip to New Albany for your next vacation trip and discover the hidden gem by the Ohio River.

The importance of traveling

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Most animals are not conscious of their surroundings or destinations while moving, just an objective to accomplish. We, humans, are the exception to that. We are always looking to learn from everything around us, we create as many experiences as possible, and the more places we visit, the more we learn.

Even though there are people who would rather stay locked in their comfort zone and label travel as a synonym of boredom and money waste, most of us are always looking to meet new persons in places different from our homes. Traveling is the only activity that makes all of this possible.



It doesn’t matter why you travel

It doesn’t matter what are the reasons that boost your eagerness to travel, because even when your travel for work, you will feel your mind and body renewed from the first day of your trip. Traveling is an escape from routine and the aftermath of any trip can build your confidence up in order to embrace new risks on your daily environment. Also, as you’re exploring a new location, all your problems seem to disappear because you’re focused on learning new cultures and embracing all the goods and new points of view that the place has to offer.

Not all trips are intended to escape from something, but to find some things such as inner peace, oneself, God or many others that are related with one’s spirit and introspection. There are thousands of places around the Earth that hold the calmness and isolation required to achieve those goals. There are cultures where people dedicate their lives to this purpose and are only knowable if one is willing to take a trip.

Things like tolerance and respect are key points for the well functioning of the next generations, and those can only be achieved by the exchange of traditions, mores, and experiences in a  peaceful way. Traveling is a tool that can promote this kind of exchanges. When you interact with people from a different part of the world, you’re leaving a mark on their hearts and knowledge in their minds, eventually they will share these things with their families and friends; the same happens to you, as you experience a different lifestyle, you will gather the best perks from it, add them to your own and share them with your close ones once you’re home.

Most of the advantages of traveling exposed before can be assumed to be for a lone trip, but journeys taken with your beloved ones include all those benefits and many more. Group trips are always about living new experiences in the company of important people, the excitement of those moments strengthens the bond you have with every person of your group and will create memories that you will cherish and share with others for the rest of your lives.

There will be always a good reason to enroll in a trip. When we leave our homes for some time, our eyes and minds will open wider and we will get to enjoy our lives far beyond our routine. Traveling heals, so make some time in your agenda and plan a trip as soon as you can!

What will you find when visiting LA?

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LA or Los Angeles as many people knows it, is the place where all the celebrities are staying and working. And, this is the one place where people that are obsessed with movie characters are going. What will you find when you are going to LA on holidays? Is this really a great place to travel to, or are you just going to see high buildings and actors? Here are some information about what you will find when you are visiting LA and why this is one of the top 10 tourist attractions in the world:

Having fun on Venice beach

If you think that Los Angeles is just about high buildings and celebrities, then you should think again. There are some great beaches where you can relax. However, the most popular beach is the Venice beach. There you can have lots of fun with water adventures or just lie on the beach and relax after a hard year of working in an office.

The beaches are beautiful and you will be able to enjoy some scenery that will take your breath away. There are many reasons why people are going to LA, but you should make a stop at the Venice beach before you are going home.

Being able to see what Hollywood is all about

Because you are in LA, you can experience Hollywood and take tours that will give you the experience of a lifetime.

People don’t really realize that there are many tours that you can book that will take you to all the popular places that will make sure that you are learning what Hollywood is actually all about. There are places like the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Chinese theatre that you can go see.

Doing some great shopping

LA might not be the cheapest place to do some shopping, but if you want to be able to take some great souvenirs home, then you will not be disappointed. There are many gift shops and boutiques that you can visit for purchasing something beautiful that you can take home with you.

Anderson Court is one of the shopping malls that you can visit, and shop at, while you are there.

Going to Disneyland

The highlight of going to LA, is of course going to Disneyland. Not only is this every child’s dream to go there, it is also a fun place for adults. There you can still be a child, no matter how old you actually are.

Most people are going to LA, because of Disneyland, and they aren’t disappointed.

Los Angeles or LA, the place where you can find the rich and famous. However, this is also the place where you can relax on the beach or where you can be a kid again at Disneyland. There are many things that you can do and experience. This is one of the destinations where you can travel to, to have a great time. You and your whole family.