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4 crazy things you should do before you die

Posted on 28 December 2017 by admin (0)

If you ever sat on the lap of one of your grandparents when you were little, you probably asked them to tell you stories of their younger times. Most of the things they’d told you were crazy, full of happiness and made you think about living a life as joyful as your grandparents did. Now you’re wondering how to create those stories that are worth to tell to your grandsons, well, don’t miss this crazy things that are a must do before you die:

Road Tripping

Not all places are to be visited by plane or with an absurd amount of commodities. This kind of tourism is perfect when you’re seeking for an adventure while you are on a budget. But, since the world is covered by roads, leave the boring ones aside, take some friends, a car and plan your trip across these roads:

  • Ticlio Pass: This Peruvian paved road is the highest one in South America. Includes dangerous bends and possible landslides perfect for the most adventurous.
  • The Atlantic Road: Norwegian road that hosts a dangerous combination of sloped and curvy bridges, occasional storms and breathtaking sunsets.
  • Transfagarasan Road: Located in Romania, is a road full of tunnels and twists, with castles and waterfalls by the side.

Roller Coasters

Going on a roller coaster is the best way to deal with your fear of heights and speed. These are ones of the most exciting machines ever to exist, but not all roller coaster rides are worth being called of the craziest things to be done, so step up and plan several trips that include the following:

  • Takabisha: located in Fujiyoshida, Japan, its first fall will make you send death a regard. It’s unpredictable and full of twists, so don’t go up if you just ate.
  • Fury 325: That number is the height (in feet), so you’ll be intimidated at first sight. This colossal ride in Charlotte, North Carolina is one of the craziest in the world.
  • Smiler: Even when is not that tall, being upside down for most of the ride will make you go crazy. A must go if you visit Stafforshire in the United Kingdom.


Another perfect activity for the height frightened. Jumping from an airplane to the ground will make you feel the most intense adrenaline rush and an excitement with no comparison. Here are some of the best places around the world to go skydiving:

  • Hawaii: When you’re flying towards the land you will see an incredible amount of colors, from the green of the palm trees to the deep blue of the ocean bathing the coast. The best spot to take the leap is from Waialua.
  • Pattaya: The view is amazing as you get to see part of the Thai coast and land in a great green field. It’s one of the most active landing zones around the world so you’ll meet a lot of other adventurers.

Scuba Diving

The depths of water might be scary, but this fear is one to overcome. As you see a lot of different species of fishes, sharks and reefs you’ll see that there’s a crazy world below but worth visiting. Best places to scuba-dive? Here they are:

  • Great Blue Hole: Filled with tuna, octopuses and caverns, this spot in Belize is intimidating yet an awesome place to go.
  • Shark and Yolanda Reef: This spot in Egypt is the best place to see anemones and sharks around the world.

Now you have a lot of crazy places to go and tell your grandsons in the future.