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The Hidden Gem by the Ohio River

Posted on 20 December 2017 by admin (0)

When it comes to taking a vacation trip to the United States, the first thoughts are about the exciting experiences you will have. Starting from iconic man-made landmarks as the Mount Rushmore, the Golden Gate Bridge or the Statue of Liberty, to the ones that mother nature put there a long time ago, like the Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon or the Yellowstone National Park, the whole trip is an unforgettable experience. These locations are crowded with other tourists most of the time, so you might think of other places if you’re looking for a trip that involves calmness and stress relief.

By the Ohio River, in the state of Indiana, there’s the birthplace of the famous astronomer Edwin Hubble, the city of roofer New Albany; a small town that is considered to be part of the Louisville, KY Metropolitan Statistical Area.

New Albany is one the richest towns in America when it comes to history. When founded, served as the home of the wealthiest in Indiana and was the biggest city in the state before it was overtaken by Indianapolis. Also, this town played a role of great importance during the Civil War because it served as the medical care center for many soldiers of the Union, therefore it has one of the first National Cemeteries on its lands.

The best attractions you can find in New Albany are the Culbertson Mansion State Historic Site and the Carnegie Center for Art & History, places dedicated to teaching about the past of this small city. Here, you will learn about the tornado that struck the city in 1917 and the Ohio River Flood that devastated it in 1937 and how those disasters made the locals build one of the first flood walls in America and take care of their homes.

Are you traveling with the whole family? No problem, because there are attractions intended for the youngest, such as the River Run Family Waterpark or the Cherry Valley Golf Course which are perfect to be visited in the summer and can also be enjoyed by adults as well. You can also go to the events that take place by the river at Riverfront Amphitheater or buy the best souvenirs at the Antiques Attic to remember your trip.

If you want to gaze the sunset, the Sam Peden Community Park is the perfect place to do so. There, you can set a picnic and see how your kids play around with the ducks and gooses that live near the pond.

One might believe that visiting New Albany is difficult since it’s a small city, but it’s not that complicated, actually. You can book a flight to the Louisville International Airport, the nearest one to the city and drive for just 14 minutes. After that you can get all the commodities of a great hotel if you stay at The Pepin Mansion Historic B&B, the Best Western Plus West I-64 or the Holiday Inn Express New Albany.

Don’t hesitate or wait any longer, plan your trip to New Albany for your next vacation trip and discover the hidden gem by the Ohio River.